The Aorere College Social Sciences Department offers a range of subjects for students. Social Studies is a compulsory Year 9 and 10 subject for all students. At Year 11, students can choose any two of the following options Geography, History or Social Studies along with other option choices offered in other departments. At Year 12 and 13, students have a further option of Classical Studies and Tourism.

On this wiki you will find subject information along with homework and links to information relating to your topics. Click on the subject headings to find out more.
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    • raillery
      Merriam-Webster's Word of the Day for May 21, 2018 is: raillery • \RAIL-uh-ree\  • noun1 : good-natured ridicule : banter 2 : an instance of joking or ridicule : jest Examples:"Hardin rarely got angry at anyone. Fuzz was always trying to get his goat with some unprovoked raillery, but Hardin understood that was the point and couldn't even force himself to be riled." — Michael MacLeod, The Antioch Review, Fall 2009 "Indeed, the sense of camaraderie between cast members is striking. Charlotte Ritchie and Simon Bird in particular have a steady repartee that makes the interview feel more like a cosy chat, and it is clear that the wit and raillery that distinguish the play are equally prevalent off stage." — Katie Sayer and Emily Lawford, Cherwell (Oxford University), 5 June 2017 Did you know?Raillery is the anglicized form of the French word raillerie, which stems from the Middle French verb railler,...

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    • hanker
      Definition: (verb) Desire strongly or persistently. Synonyms: long, yearn. Usage: There, my lady cousin; there stands the most undutiful child in the world; she hankers after a beggarly rascal, and won't marry one of the greatest matches in all England.Discuss