What is my homework for this week?

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Homework Centre

Every Tuesday and Wednesday after school (3.15 - 5) we have a homework centre that students can come to. Teachers are avaliable to help them with their their class work or homework. This is held in A12.

Classical Studies

  • Level 2 Classics
  • Level 3 Classics



  • Level 1 History
  • Level 2 History
  • Level 3 History

Social Studies


  • Level 2 Tourism
  • Level 3 Toursim

Information for Parents

It is great to have parents helping their children with their homework. If you are wanting to know more about what your child is studying, then click on the individual subject to find out more about their topic. (Please be aware, this is a new site we are in the process of creating, so many pages are still being created)

If you have any questions reguarding homework, please feel free to contact us at school. We would really love to help.